FAQ - Fees details

Here under is a mode detailed explanation of the charges and fees applicable to our services:

Under Warranty
Without Warranty

At the office diagnostic:

- In case you bring or send the machine at our office. The diagnostic fee is free of charge for all machines still under warranty.

- Any descaling job is not supported by the warranty. And will be charged accordingly. Please visit our step by step videos to do the descaling easily at home !

Spare parts:

- Are covered by the warranty all spare parts and problems due to manufacturer defects. Are not covered under warranty the wear and tear parts ( "o" ring joint and gasquet for example ).

- Are not covered by the warranty any maintenance caused by misuses.

- The descaling powder or any cleaning powder is not covered by warranty.

At the office diagnostic:

- A flat price of RM50 will be charged if you bring or send your machine at the office. It includes the diagnostic and the service fee to repair your machine. This fee is to be paid up front, and will be deduce from your final invoice afterwards. It is not refundable, even if you decide not to go through with the maintenance.

Spare parts:

- All spare parts /cleaning products used are fully at your cost.

All shipping costs to and out of our office are at your own cost.

All payment are cash only. No credit card is accepted.

For the residents, who are shipping the machine for reparation, payment shall be made once we have submitted to you the quotation before we undergo any maintenance or order any spare parts. Payment can be made by bank transfer to our bank account directly. Please send us by email the bank slip once the transaction is done, thank you.

Co Name    : Classic Coffee & Beverage Sdn Bhd (224730-T)
Bank           : Malayan Banking Berhad
Branch        : Taman Segar
Account No : 0142 – 8041 -2018
Swift Code  : MBBEMYKL
email address to send the banking slip: maintenance@illy.my