Terms and Conditions

Registration to our website and warranty extension:

On our website you will have access to our exclusive videos and step by step do it yourself maintenance and diagnosis tips. We encourage you to register on our website to help us track the history of the machine and assist you faster would you require support.

For any registration online, you will benefit from an additionnal 6 months warranty immediatly applicable and continious from the original 1 year warranty. During those additionnal 6 months, are not covered the wear and tear parts or damages due to abuses and misuse of the machine, as well as any motherboard problem.

For any maintenance request we will ask you to present us the original invoice of the machine. Warranty wil be calculated from this document. Before any maintenance job, we will request to see the original invoice in order to consider your machine under warranty otherwise the usual fee for maintenance of machine which are not under warranty will apply.

Warranty / Technical problem:

All our machines come with a constructor warranty of one year. During this warranty period we will repair any manufacturer caused technical / defects problems in our service center in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor. After the warranty period we can still provide spare parts and maintenance services but a fee will be applied depending on the action taken.

The warranty applies only to manufacturer defect and not misuses. It also doesn't cover the wear and tear parts.

The warranty doesn't cover any descaling maintenance or the descaling powder. The descaling is to be done when you see this icon blinking on your machine, and you can view these videos to explain how to do the descaling at home !

Requesting for Maintenance:

You can bring your machine in our Service Center in Puchong, Selangor:

Would you live close to our service center in Puchong ( 20min drive from the city center ), you can bring your machine directly at the office. It is best you give us a quick call to warn us of your arrival so we make sure someone is here to welcome you and a technician is also available. If the reparation can be done within an hour, and you have time to wait, you can go back home with your machine !
Please don't forget in this case to bring your original invoice, and enough cash to pay for the maintenance (if not under warranty), as we do not accept credit card and the nearest bank is a few minutes drive away.

Please bring the machine directly to our service center in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor during office hours.

Office opening hours:

Monday โ€“ Friday: 9h30 โ€“ 17h

Saturday: 9h30 โ€“ 11h

See the google map

Download the PDF instructions to the office

GPS coordinates: 3.057262 ; 101.655775

Tel.: 03 8073 4317

If we couldn't repair on the spot, once finished we will notice you so you can come and pick it up in our service center. Or advise you with shipping cost prices.

You can't come to our Service Center in Puchong, Selangor:

In order to proceed to reparation or quotation, the machine has to be send or brought to us in our service center in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor. Shipping costs are your responsibility and will be billed to you accordingly. We will make sure when sending the machine back to you that it is properly packed for transport.

Once the machine is given to the courier company we are no longer responsible for any losses or damages that could occur during transport. With your agreement we will suggest a shipping company including insurance.

Ensure that a copy of your original invoice is travelling with the machine, or you can send a scanned copy to us separately via email. Failing to do so and the machine will not be considered under warranty.

For any questions please contact: maintenance@illy.my